What Is Saint Catherine Laboure Patron Of?

What is saint Catherine Laboure the patron saint of?

She is believed to have relayed the request from the Blessed Virgin Mary to create the famous Miraculous Medal of Our Lady of Graces worn by millions of people around the world. Labouré spent forty years caring for the aged and infirm. For this, she is called the patroness of seniors.

What does saint Catherine protect you from?

Saint Catherine of Sweden, Patron Saint of Protection from Miscarriage. St. Catherine of Sweden is a great saint to pray to on your infertility journey, because she is the patron saint for those who have suffered a miscarriage, and for protection from miscarriage.

What are the values of St Catherine Laboure?

Care, compassion, respect for human dignity, and a drive for social justice – these are the things that define us. These are the values that inspired our namesake, the French nun St. Catherine Labouré, to devote her life to caring for the elderly and teaching others to tend to the infirm.

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When did St Catherine Laboure become a saint?

St. Catherine was canonized by Pope Pius XII on July 27, 1947. Her feast day is November 28.

What happens when you wear the Miraculous Medal?

Catherine, she said “Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck. Those who repeat this prayer with devotion will be, in a special manner, under the protection of the Mother of God.

What is the story behind the Miraculous Medal?

The Medal of the Immaculate Conception, commonly called the Miraculous Medal, was manifested to Sister (now Saint) Catherine Labouré, a spiritual daughter of St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul. In 1830 she was blessed with the apparitions of Mary Immaculate to which we owe the Miraculous Medal.

Who is the patron saint for protection?

Because St. Christopher offered protection to travelers and against sudden death, many churches placed images or statues of him, usually opposite the south door, so he could be easily seen.

What saint is good for protection?

Saint Christopher (Sant Cristòfol)

Which saint protects your home?

In Catholicism, St. Joseph, a carpenter, is honored as the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus. Representing a humble family man, he is the patron saint of home, family and house-hunting, according to the Rev.

What is the message of Blessed Virgin Mary to St Catherine?

Properties of the medal Rays shoot out from Mary’s hands, which she told Catherine, “symbolize the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.” Words from the vision form an oval frame around Mary: ” O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. ”

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Why is St Catherine called as the ST of silence?

Catherine is also known as the “Saint of Silence,” as she spent her life in the convent attending to her daily duties and tasks while Mary’s message spread to all souls willing to receive it.

Was Mary the Immaculate Conception?

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Mary herself was immaculately conceived. ~ Mary was filled with divine grace from the time of her conception. ~ Mary’s immaculate conception was necessary in order for her to give birth later to Jesus without infecting him with original sin.

Who is the patron saint for November?

Martin of Tours. St. Martin of Tours, (born 316, Sabaria, Pannonia [now Szombathely, Hungary]—died November 8, 397, Candes, Gaul [France]; Western feast day, November 11; Eastern feast day November 12), patron saint of France, father of monasticism in Gaul, and the first great leader of Western monasticism.

What is the prayer of the Miraculous Medal?

O Lord, Jesus Christ, who for the accomplishment of Your greatest works, have chosen the weak things of the world, that no flesh may glory in Your sight; and who for a better and more widely diffused belief in the Immaculate Conception of Your Mother, have wished that the Miraculous Medal be manifested to Saint