Quick Answer: What Is St. Hedwig The Patron Saint Of?

What did saint Hedwig do?

Hedwig (died 1243), patron saint of Silesia, who allegedly performed a wine miracle in one of these glasses. Another glass—once belonging to St. Elizabeth and later given to Martin Luther—was said to give strength to women in labour when they drank from it.

Where is St Hedwig from?

Santa Isabella. Patron saint of brides and queens. She is invoked against jealousy and in case of difficult marriages. Treat your bride as a queen!

Where is Silesia located?

Silesia, Polish Śląsk, Czech Slezsko, German Schlesien, historical region that is now in southwestern Poland. Silesia was originally a Polish province, which became a possession of the Bohemian crown in 1335, passed with that crown to the Austrian Habsburgs in 1526, and was taken by Prussia in 1742.

Is St Hedwig TX safe?

Hedwig, TX Safe? The A grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. St. Hedwig is in the 86th percentile for safety, meaning 14% of cities are safer and 86% of cities are more dangerous.

What school district is St Hedwig TX?

East Central Independent School District.

What county is St Hedwig?

Hedwig, TX.St. Hedwig is near the junction of Farm roads 1346 and 1518, sixteen miles east of downtown San Antonio in eastern Bexar County.