FAQ: Why Is St Monica The Patron Saint Of Mothers?

What is Saint Monica best known for?

She is remembered and honored in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, albeit on different feast days, for her outstanding Christian virtues, particularly the suffering caused by her husband’s adultery, and her prayerful life dedicated to the reformation of her son, who wrote extensively of her pious acts and life with

Why is St. Monica hailed as a model for all wives and mothers to follow?

St. Monica is the mother of one of the Catholic Church’s most popular saints, St. Considered as a great model for Christian mothers, she converted her wayward son, St. Augustine, as well as her pagan husband and his mother, through intense praying and fasting.

How many years did Saint Monica pray for her son?

After 17 years of resistance, Augustine converted to Christianity under the wise instruction of St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan. Monica’s extended period of longsuffering for him matched her waiting for her husband, for whom she may have prayed for as long as 30 years.

What saint do you pray to for patience?

The Patron Saint of Patience The first thing that I learned about St. Monica is that she’s the mother of St. Augustine.

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Who is the patron saint of love?

Dwynwen is the patron saint of lovers. Her feast day is January 25, Dydd Santes Dwynwen.

Who is the patron saint of anxiety?

Patronage. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental illness and anxiety.

Who is the patron saint of children?

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, prostitutes, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, unmarried people, and students in various cities and countries around Europe.

What admirable virtues did St Monica possess?

She was admired for her patience, perseverance, prayerful disposition, and deep faith.

Who was the saint that prayed for her son?

St. Monica wept, prayed and sacrificed for her son for many years. Her greatest desire in life was to see her son’s conversion to Catholicism, and once this happened, she believed her purpose in life had been fulfilled.